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Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 01:56:41 -0800 (PST)
From: c1dgarry@CompApp.DCU.IE (David Garry CA1)
From: dmitri drozhko 
Subject: CRD:Heaven Sent by INXS

Heaven Sent
Written by A.Farriss
>From "Welcome to Wherever You Are" album

Tune to a slightly flat e-tuning

The song follow the same rhythm during the verse
with a few slight changes...


During the chorus the following riff is played
G A7 Your eyes are like C G D Deep wells of desire Once in your arms I'm on fire You were sent girl so Perfectly true Changing my life I'm a survivor E G (fill) Heaven sent E G (fill) That's what I call you Late at night when the Evening fire has died There's look in your eye Seductive images fly Heaven sent That's what I call you E G One day you'll see E G What angels can see F Dressed in black If she comes back Am D Dsus4 D I think I loose my mind Tuesday she works in the Library uptown Some useful knowledge Can always be found Don't burn the library till You've read all the books Sometimes in life You'll get the second look G A7 C Chords G 320033 A7 002020 C 032010 E 022100 D 000232 Dsus4 000233 P.S. I was deeply sorry to find out about Michael Hutchence death on November 22. INXS was one of the greatest bands on this planet. See you on the dark side of the Moon! Dmitri ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at
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