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From: (Phillip McClean)
Subject: TAB: This Time - INXS

This is another gem from the breakthrough INXS album Listen Like Thieves.
This song continues the mixolydian structure found in Kiss the Dirt and
Shine Like It Does.

This Time - INXS (A.Farriss)
            Listen Like Thieves

Intro: G

e-2B-3G-2 open D chord used in versesD-0A-0E-0
D I will believe you D If you say it's true D Girl you know I need you D More than any word spoken D I've seen you before D Turn and walk away D You say you won't come back D It's just a game anyway CHORUS G is the open chord; A is the barre chord 5th fret the D, C also appear to be open chords
G A D Ce--3---5---2---0B--0---5---3---1G--0---6---2---2D--0---7---0---0A--2---7---0---3E--3---5---0---0
G A We are hoping G A Yes and we're praying D This time D Will be the last time C G That we will fight like this D This time D Will be the last time C G That we will fight like this Lead Break - the notes are broken into groups that have pauses in between
D We are always wanting D The things we cannot find D You know that we are D Always wasting time CHORUS D You know I can forget D We have fought before D I've seen inside your heart D And I know it is breaking CHORUS The chords for the last two lines appear to be barre chords.
A G De--5---3---5B--5---3---7G--6---4---7D--7---5---7A--7---5---5E--5---3---5
A This time G D Will be the last time
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