Inxs – This Time tab

Intro: G

e-2B-3G-2 open D chord used in versesD-0A-0E-0
D I will believe you D If you say it's true D Girl you know I need you D More than any word spoken D I've seen you before D Turn and walk away D You say you won't come back D It's just a game anyway CHORUS G is the open chord; A is the barre chord 5th fret the D, C also appear to be open chords
G A D Ce--3---5---2---0B--0---5---3---1G--0---6---2---2D--0---7---0---0A--2---7---0---3E--3---5---0---0
G A We are hoping G A Yes and we're praying D This time D Will be the last time C G That we will fight like this D This time D Will be the last time C G That we will fight like this Lead Break - the notes are broken into groups that have pauses in between
D We are always wanting D The things we cannot find D You know that we are D Always wasting time CHORUS D You know I can forget D We have fought before D I've seen inside your heart D And I know it is breaking CHORUS The chords for the last two lines appear to be barre chords.
A G De--5---3---5B--5---3---7G--6---4---7D--7---5---7A--7---5---5E--5---3---5
A This time G D Will be the last time
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