Inxs - Gods Top Ten tab

                        Inxs - God’s top ten

By Sanjeev George and Thomas George
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Piano tabbed for guitar

Em D Ae|---------------------------------------|B|---------8---------7--------7p5--------|G|-------9---------7--------------6------|D|-----9---------7------------------7----|A|---------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------|
Em D A Verse 1 Em C G D Romance is gone, he's drifting with the stars Em C D The lyric in his pocket, little girl in his heart Em C G D When you hear his songs on the radio Em C D I don't need to tell you what you already know Em D C Em D C He's in God's top ten where heaven never ends Em D A -------| | -------played with intro piano twice Em D A--------| Verse 2 Em C G D you saw the world and the world saw you on the stage Em C D Wild, wild, wild, the lonelier boy Em C G D Roquefort le pont your gypsy heart is free Em C D pictures on the wall of your family Em D C Em D C He's on God's top ten where heaven never ends Em D C He's on God's top ten Solo Chords for solo Em C G D Em C D
Then Em D A-------|
|----played with the intro piano Em D A-------|
Verse 3 Em C G D Baby's got mama's eyes, she was always beautiful Em C D When you hear his voice, feel his arms around you Em C G D You remember mama's smile and daddy's little girl Em C D Bad weather, cold meteor storm Em D C Em D C He's on God's top ten where heaven never ends Em D C He's on God's top ten End with C Em This part is played each time with “God’s top ten” and “Heaven never ends”
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