Ira Wolf – Alive chords

G Bm C

[Verse 1]
G BmThere's a man around the corner, he's been asking me for change and I could use some
C G EThink I could use some, sometimes all these things slow me down
GLike the concrete that's been sticking to the bottom of my shoes
Bm C G DSoles worn and tired, have started wearing through I can feel them, heavier now
G BmTheres a hole here in my pocket it reminds me of the ways I am hungry
C G D CAlways running, for an open door
[Verse 2]
GOn the highway heavy-hearted, humming just to hear a sound
BmLoneliness it lingers through unfamiliar towns
C G DAll of them stunning, but none of them home
C G DAnd I don't know if I live like this for peace of mind
Em C G DCan't say if I do it for the foolish pride
Em C G D Em D CMaybe its all just to prove that I'm alive
Cmaj7 Cm6 CmI'm alive
[Verse 3]
G A Em CSo I tell myself I'm brave
G A Em CI swear that I'm bold, but I'm afraid it isn't so
Am Cm Em Cmaj7 G Em C G EmMaybe I'm nothing more than alooooooooooone
C G DAm I running just to run
Em C G DSometimes its seems running is all I've ever done
Em C G D ABut is there something more to settle for that I have given up
C D C G DDoes this fickle heart feel trapped in love
[Instrumental] C G D C G D C G D [Outro]
Em C G D AIs there something more to settle for, have I just given up?
G C D C Cm GDoes my fickle heart still believe in love
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