Irish Descendants – Fish Off Cape St Marys tab

Wutup yall? This is a great song no other chords available (that i know of) listen to
the song to get the picking pattern, its easy I didn't tab it cuz i'm to lazzy but i
might later. have fun rock on peeps!

Tabed by jobi-wan-kanobi lead guitar of "US"

Let me fish off cape St. Mary's         THE IRISH DESCENDANTS 

(finger picking) B F# G#m rest B C# F# rest B F# G#m rest B C# Eb rest E F# 

verse 1  finger picking
               B  F#          G#m
Take me back to my western boat,
            B           C#        F# 
Let me fish off cape St. Mary's
                   B             F#
where the hag downs sail
              G#m       E
and the fog horns wail
with my friends
      C#                     F#
the browns and the cleary's
         E                        F#
let me fish off cape St. Mary's

verse 2
Let me feel my dory lift
to the broad Atlantic combers
where the tide rips swirl
and the wild ducks whirl 
where old Neptune calls the numbers 
'nethe the broad Atlantic combers

verse 3  start strumming
Let me sail up golden bay
with my oilskins all a streamin'
from the thunder squall
when I hauled me trawl
and my old cape Ann a gleamin'
with my oilskins all a streamin
verse 4
let me view that rugged shore
where the beaches all a-glisten
with the caplin spawn
where from dusk to dawn
you bait your trawl and listen
to the undertow a-hissin'

 keyboard solo 

verse 5
when I reach that last big shoal
where the ground swells break asunder
where the wild sands role 
to the surges toll 
let me be a man and take it 
when my dory fails to make
it take me back to that snug green cove
where the seas roll up their thunder

 start picking

verse 6
there let me rest
in the earth's cool breast
where the stars shine out their wonder
And the seas roll up their thunder

Repeat first verse with strumming

There ya go!!!           dude
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