Iron And Wine – Muddy Hymnal tab

Left handed
Capo 1st Fret

 C                                         D
found your name across the chapel door 
G                                        C
carved in cursive with a table fork 
muddy hymnals 
                   C                                                D
and some bootmarks where you'd been 

C                                                    D    
the shaking preacher told the captain's man 
G                                          C
the righteous suffer in a fallen land 
and pulled the shade 
                      D                                     G
to keep the crowd from peeking in 

C                                                    D
we found your children by the tavern door 
G                                                  C 
with wooden buttons and an apple core 
playing house 
C                                                   D
and telling everyone you'd drowned 

C                                             D 
the begging choir told the captain's man 
G                                                 C
we all assume the worst the best we can 
and for a round or two 
D                                           G
they'd gladly track you down 

C                                                      D
we found you sleeping by your lover's stone 
G                                     C
a ream of paper and a telephone 
a broken bow 
C                                      D
across a long lost violin 

C                                              D
your lover's angel told the captain's man 
G                                                      C
it never ends the way we had it planned 
and kissed her palm 
D                                                          G
and placed it on your dreaming head
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