Iron And Wine – Rattling Bone tab

This is a bad ace song, with really dark and groovy lyrics, and its not hard to play and 
sing at the same time with some practice.
It's in drop D, capo on 4.

Verse: (A skull and a jewel on a wooden cane, etc.)e|---------------------------------------------------|b|---------------------------------------------------|g|---------------------------------------------------|d|-------3----0-------3----0----0--0-----------------|a|------------------------------0--0----0h3----5-----|D|---0------------0-------------0--0----0------0-----|
Note that he does not quite just play one string at a time, its more of a broad but concentrated stroke. Just listen to the track to get it right. The left(and maybe right) hand mutes and articulates the music in certain spots to sound right.
Chorus: (I'll lay awake till all your power's gone)e|---------------------------------------------------|b|---------------------------------------------------|g|---------------------------------------------------|d|---------------------------------------------------|a|--------5----------------3-------------------------|D|--------5----------------3-------------------------|
Basically just a power chord on the fifth and then third fret. Listen to the track for the basic rythm.
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