Iron And Wine – He Lays In The Reins chords

Left handed
Iron & Wine & Calexico - He Lays in His Reins 

Bm D G Bm One more drink tonight, Let your grey stallion rest
G BmWhere he lays in the reins
D AFrom all of the speed and the strength he gave
Bm D G BmOne more kiss tonight from some tall stable girl
G BmShe's like grace from the earth
D AWh' you're all tuckered out and tame
Bm DNunca pense que jamas
G Bm G BmTener la oportunidad de reecontrar el camino de nuevo
D APara formar un mundo mejor
Bm D G BmOne more tired thing, a grey moon on the rise
G BmWhen your want from the day
D AMakes you to curse in your sleep at night
Bm D G BmWith one more gift to bring, we may well find you laid
G BmLike your steed in his reins
D ATangled too tight and too long to fight
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