Iron And Wine – Big Burned Hand chords ver. 2

This version is arranged for playing solo on an acoustic. Based on this version of the 

Capo 3
Drop D
D/C: X30230 D/B: X20230
D/F: 300230 D/E: 200230
 G: 5X000X
D D/C D/B DWhen the arrogant goddess of love came to steal my shoes
D D/C D/B DShe had a white hot pistol and a homemade heart tattoo
D/F G DSinging one's to give and one's to take away
D/F D/E DBut neither of them will keep you off your knees
D/F D/E DThe children bowed and bolted off the stage
D/F G DWhile the lion and the lamb kept fighting for the shade tree
[same chords] When the winsome god of war came to set me free He had a couple of coke bottles full of gasoline Singing all I love is all that I allow And he blew me a kiss of a big burned hand I nearly choked with smoke and fell down While the lion and the lamb kept shooting at a tin can When the gun shy goddess of love came back to patch things up She had a purple heart and mother's milk in a plastic cup Singing one's to lay you gently in the grave And one's the flag you fold before you go When the curtain rose the crowd was blown away While the lion and the lamb kept fucking in the back row
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