Iron And Wine - Dearest Forsaken tab

Haven't had time to do much with this yet. Its was a 5 minute job. I'll fix the problems 
finish when i have time. Listen to the rythem, it should be easy to figure out the strumming.

Drop D

Tuning. DADGBE

IntroE|-------------------0---------------|B|-----------------x---x-x-x---------|G|-----------------7---7-7-7---------|D|-----------------0---0-0-0---------| 6XA|--0---0--0-0-----0---0-0-0---------|D|--10--9--0-0-----------------------|
E|-------------------0-------| --------------|B|-----------------x---x-x-x-| --------------|G|-----------------7---7-7-7-| ---10---12--7-|D|-----------------0---0-0-0-|9x ----0----0--0-| Not sure about this part..A|--0---0--0-0-----0---0-0-0-| ----0----0--0-|D|--10--9--0-0---------------| --------------|
If you get any farther on this tab please comment and let me know how to finish.
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