Waiting For Superman tab with lyrics by Iron And Wine - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Iron And Wine – Waiting For Superman tab

A:                              B:

e|---------------------------| e|---------------------------|B|------0--------------------| B|------0--------------------|G|------------0-----0-----0--| G|------------0-----0------0-|D|---0-----0-----0-----0-----| D|---0-----0-----0-----0-----|A|----5-----5-----5-----5----| A|----2-----2-----2-----2po--|E|--3-----3-----3-----3------| E|--0-----0-----0-----0------|
C: D:
e|---------------------------| e|---------------------------|B|------0--------------------| B|------0--------------------|G|------------2-----2-----0--| G|------------0-----0-----0--|D|---0-----0-----0-----0-----| D|---0-----0-----0-----0-----|A|----0-----0-----0-----0----| A|----10----10----10----10---|E|--2-----2-----2-----2------| E|--8-----8-----8-----8------|
Order: (these are not chords) A A B C A A B C A A B C A A B C D A B C D A C C A A B C A A B C D A B C D A C C B C D A B C D A B C D A B C D A A A B C A A B C D A B C D A C C A B D A B C D A B C D A B C D A......End There are a few small changes on some of the sets that are not mentioned here, but that easy to figure out if you listen closely to the song.
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