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Iron Maiden – Fear Of The Dark chords

D F C B C D__I am a man who walks alone, and when I'm walking a dark road
B C B C Dat night or strolling through the park
D F C B C D__ When the lights begin to change, I sometimes feel a little strange
B C a little anxious when it's dark
B C D CFear of the dark , ____ Fear of the dark,____
F B C DI have a constant fear that something's always near
B C D cFear of the dark, ____ Fear of the dark, ____
F B C DI have a phobia that someone's always there
And then u take it away!! =D (D, B, C, D) The verse has the same chords that the part above, but they're played with distortion. Hear very carefully the song so you can catch the rhythm. (sy, i copied that text...) Verse2: Have you run your fingers down the wall And have you felt your neck skin crawl When you're searching for the light Sometimes when you're scared to take a look At the corner of the room You've sensed that something's watching you Enjoy! =D
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