Iron Maiden – Out Of The Shadows chords

Iron Maiden - Out of the Shadows

Intro:  A5 E5 C5 G5 D5 A5 F5 C5 D5

Verse 1:
Em C Em CHold a halo 'round the world, golden is the day
Em C D APrinces of the universe, your burden is the way
Em C Em CSo there is no better time who will be born today
Em C D AA gypsy child at daybreak, A king for a day
E C D AOut of the shadow and into the sun
E C D ADreams of the past as the old ways are done
E C D AOh there is beauty and surely there is pain
E C D ABut we must endure it to live again
Verse 2: Dusty dreams in fading daylight, Flicker on the walls Nothing new your life's adrift, what purpose to it all? Eyes are closed and death is calling Reaching out its hand Call upon the starlight to surround you Chorus: 1st Guitar Solo: (based on the chords of the verses) Interlude: (The intro riff tuned two steps up) 2nd Guitar Solo: (based on the riff of interlude) Chorus A man who casts no shadow has no soul
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