Iron Maiden - Journeyman tab

Song: Journeyman
Band: Iron Maiden
Album: Dance of Death

I have borrowed some parts (like the intro chords) from the other journeyman tab. Iím
about that but it just sounded good. I also couldnít figure out what the third guitar was
doing so Iíll just give Adrianís and Daveís parts. They play the same all the same
in the verse and a short solo that Adrian plays after the first chorus in death on the road.
figure that out either. =(

INTRO, Part 1 (x2):

Guitar 1:|---------------------------------------------------||--1-----1-----0-----0-----3-----3-----1-----1------||----2-----2-----2-----2-----2-----2-----2-----2----||---------------------------------------------------||------0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0--||---------------------------------------------------|
INTRO, Part 2 (x4):
Guitar 1:|---------------------------------------------------||--1-----1-----0-----0-----3-----3-----1-----1------||----2-----2-----2-----2-----2-----2-----2-----2----||---------------------------------------------------||------0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0--||---------------------------------------------------|
Guitar 2: |--Am----------Aadd9------Asus4-------Am------------|
Guitar 1:|--0-----0------------------------------------------||--------------3-----3-----1-----1-----0-----0------||----2-----2-----2-----2-----2-----2-----2-----2----||------3-----3-----3-----3--------------------------||---------------------------------------------------||------------------------------3-----3-----3-----3--|
Guitar 2: (don't know the chord names)|--Fmaj7-------x-----------0-----------0------------||--------------3-----------1-----------0------------||--------------2-----------2-----------2------------||--------------3-----------0-----------0------------||--------------x-----------x-----------x------------||--------------x-----------3-----------3------------|
Note: Guitar 1 plays three strings separately and guitar 2 plays a chord, when the first is played, guitar two also plays the full chord VERSE 1: Before the lyrics both guitars play the chords F and then A twice. It is with the same as with lyrics. Adrian plays the normal chords and Dave plays barre chords. F A From the red sky of the east, To the sunset in the west F A We have cheated death and he has cheated us F A But that was just a dream, And this is what it means F A We are sleeping and we'll dream for evermore PRE-CHORUS 1: C D A Asus4 A And the fragment remains of our memories C D G And the shadows we made with our hands C D C G Deeper grey, come to mourn. All the colours of the dawn C A Asus4 A Will this Journeymanís day be his last? CHORUS (x4): Dm F I know what I want and I say what I want C A# C And no one can take it away. VERSE 2: F A But the memory still remains. All those past years not so strange F A Our winter times are like a silent shroud F A And the heartbeat of the day drives the mist away F A And winter's not the only dream around PRE-CHORUS 2: C D A Asus4 A In your life you may choose desolation C D G And the shadows you build with your hands C D C G If you turn to the light, that is burning in the night C D A Asus4 A Then this Journeyman's day has begun CHORUS x4 INTRO, part 2 PRE CHORUS 3: C D A Asus4 A In your life you may choose desolation C D G And the shadows we build with our hands C D C G If you turn to the light, that is burning in the night C D A Asus4 A Then this Journeyman's day has begun CHORUS x4 ----------------------------------------------------------------- CHORDS:
Am Aadd9 Dm Asus4 Fmaj7 F A C D A# (Bb)|----0------0----1-----0---------0------1----0----0----2-----1--||----1------0----3-----3---------1------1----2----1----3-----3--||----2------2----2-----2---------2------2----2----0----2-----3--||----2------2----0-----2---------3------3----2----2----0-----3--||----0------0----x-----0---------x------x----0----3----x-----1--||----x------x----x-----x---------x------x----x----x----x-----1--|
A (Barre) F (Barre) G G|----5--------------1---------3----3--||----5--------------1---------3----0--||----6--------------2---------0----0--||----7--------------3---------0----0--||----7--------------3---------2----2--||----5--------------1---------3----3--| \----/You can choose which G chord to use, but in my opinion the first one sounds better withsong.
I actually think that dave plays the A and F chords in the verse as "0" instead of 5 and on the high e string. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- x = mute string ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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