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Date: Tue, 2 Nov 1999 13:25:48 -0800 (PST)
From: Cristian "'S?crates'" Franco 
Subject: i/iron_maiden/

Transcribed By S?crates

	Excuse me if I was a little slack, and I put just the
chords in the
verse, but this kind of songs use to be too
repetitives and if I start to
write all that the guitar does, I would never end.

 The song is in 4/4 and in G Major.
 Any questions, you know, just send me a e-mail
 Read the  How to  Play it  section first.

Intro: Gtr.1E-|----------------------------|B-|----------------5-----------|G-|------------------5--4^5----|D-|-7--7-5^7^5^4^5----------5--|A-|----------------------------|E-|----------------------------|
Verses: A5 G5E-|------|------||B-|-10---|--8---||G-|-9----|--7---||D-|-7----|--5---||A-|------|------||E-|------|------||
Chorus: C5 G5 D5 A5E-|------------------||B-|------------------||G-|-5--------7-------||D-|-5---5----7---7---||A-|-3---5----5---7---||E-|-----3--------5---||
Bridge: | |Fig.B End chorus |Fig.A | 1+E-|-----------------|--------------------------|--10--10-8-7-7^8^7----|B-|-----------------|--------------------------|-------------------10-|G-|-5--------7------|----------------------2-4-|----------------------|D-|-5---5----7------|----------2-3---2-3-5-----|----------------------|A-|-3---5----5------|----2-3-5-----5-----------|----------------------|E-|-----3-----------|--5-----------------------|----------------------|
|End Bridge End:E-|---------7-8-10--|----------------|---------------||B-|----8-10---------|----------------|---------------||G-|-10--------------|-7-7-7-7-7---5--|---------------||D-|-----------------|-7-7-7-7-7---5--|--7-7-7-7--7---||A-|-----------------|-5-5-5-5-5---3--|--7-7-7-7--7---||E-|-----------------|----------------|--5-5-5-5--5---||
"How To Play it": [Intro (Gtr.1) x 8 (Gtr.2) x 6, Gtr.2 comes at the 3rd time] [Verse x 4] [Intro x 4] [Chorus x 4] [Intro x 4] [Verse x 4] [Chorus x 3] Bridge: [End Chorus] [Fig.A (Gtr.2) x 4 Fig.B (Gtr.1) x 3 Play one time Fig.A and then comes Gtr.1 with Fig.B] [Solo Bass] [End Bridge] [Intro, same at the start] [Verse x 4] [Chorus x 4] [End] ===== "Qued? desfallecido de escudri?ar la verdad" S?CRATES
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