Ironic Rockproject – Railway To Nowhere tab

Railway to nowhere  
(Ironic Rockproject)  
From the Album ?Please?
Tabbed out by Frank Hemmer ( {} )  
I searched That song everywhere in the www but I can?t find it so I think I am the first one who tabbed it out  
This song is not very popular but I love it  
I hope this Tab helps all of those who love it too!!!  

Intro: G ? D/F# ? e ? C ? G ? A    

G            D/F#                      e  
   Sitting all along on the railroad  
C              G                          A  
    see the night has gone to end  
feel this loneliness inside of me  
there is no more time to spend  
G                      D/F#                G  
    I?m travelin? on a train to nowhere  
C                                           D/A  
don?t know where it?s goin? to  
G                   D/F#                e  
    travelling on a train to nowhere  
C          D/H               G  
  all I want is run to you  
Waitin? for the next up station  
I?m just waitin? for a change  
a change of dreaming a change of feelin?  
but someone watch me to a range  
Refrain + ZS  
Here is one more thing to mention  
Oh I just want to know from you  
did you left me on the station  
The train is commin? where are you?  
H:----------------------------------------------------------------------------G:--2--4--0-------------2--4--0-----------0--2--4--7--9--12?16---------------- D:-------------0--2--0--------------0--2--------------------------------------A:----------------------------------------------------------------------------E:----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fill ins Part1: e:-12--------------------- h:------15--12--15--13----
Part2: h:--12--15--12---------------- g:-----------------12--14--12-
Part3: a:-----------12--14--12-13-14-12-------------12?10-------e:-12--14----------------------------14-13-12------------
The timing of the tab is not right but its my first tab so go easy on me E-mail: {} Comments and corrections are always welcome
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