Irving Berlin – Wont You Play A Simple Melody chords

Note: The first note I sing is a G (on "Won't). This may not be the key typically used,
so use a capo to fit your vocal or preferred style/sound. I also wrote this as a sort of
cover, so for those who sing the sing note by note, it may not fit (see post script). 
This is my first tab so I hope you enjoy it =)
P.S. I am open to critiques.

G EmWont play a simple melody
C DJust like my mother sang to me,
G EmOne with good old fashioned harmony
C GPlay a simple melody
GMusical demon, set your honey a’dreamin’
EmWon’t you play me some rag?
CJust change that classical nag
DTo some sweet beautiful drag
GIf you will play from a copy of a tune that is choppy
EmYou’ll get all my applause
CAnd that is simply because
GI want to listen to rag
Pretty much the same chord progression throughout the song.
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