Isaac Kenneth – Greatest Hits 20 tab

Hey everybody i hope u all enjoyed your year....
now where back to celebrate another lovely year
for Kenneth Isaac we'll make it a good one of
his Rasta rootz Style i have!!!

now remeber if any of u lovely ladies r tryin to
play that lovely guitar... your'll can email me
at and mayb we arrange a lil'

now i this is a song i wrote fo my dog 'Kayla'.
it's entitled 'Kayla'.

'Kayla'. ( rember to play with a raggae flair now)

    G                                   Bm
Kaaaaaaayla, oohhh ooohhh ooooohhhhh, Kaaaayla
 Em                                 Am7
you came into my life and you are Kaaaaaayla
               D7        Am7               D7    D7
and your all i'mfor is kayla, your aRE MY kAYLA
Whoo ooohh oooh
G                     Bm
Kaaaayla, you are my Kaaaayla
Em                         Am7
and everythang i do for kaaaaaayla,
           Dm7                  Am7
shes my doggy, she makes me haaaapyy
 D7                               G
whoooa o oa yaa yaa yaaaa yeh...

and you can reapeat dat stuff all u wanna... u can even change
the name Kayla, into Kenneth, if you ladies wanna. and i know
ya wanna...

And remeber.. (i know i say this alot ... but) you sing the
song dont let the song sing you...
(words of wisdom 02'03 Kenneth Isaac)

here is a song for all you lovely sassy ladies ou there!!

Entitled: Whatcha gonna do when 'I' come for you

Gm                       F
hey there saassy ladie, what cha gonna do    (rX2)
Cm                    Gm
ive been watchin you, for a long long time
Cm                           Gm
and if i dun get what i want, i will cry
becos i a man of lots of pain and sorro....but.....
Gm   Gm  Gm Gm F
what hat at t  are u gonna do
Gm  Gm Gm  Gm        F
cos im yes comin for you
Ebmaj7                        Gm
Whaaaaat cha gonna doooooo , whooaa yea

dat is a beautiful song... i sing it everyday....
now i gusta leave but keep practicin my songs....

and ladies gizzmie and email please.
i enjoy all ladies, all shapes and sizes!!!

songs for loved ones
sung by KeNiF!!!!
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