Isbells – Baskin tab

Isbells - Basking
Great song; just discovered it and wanted to share it with you, have fun!

Sorry couldn't find the lyrics.
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Tuning: Standard

Capo 5th fret (!) try to play it legato.

Riff I (repeat as often you want):Part I Part IIE|---------| E|---------|B|---------| B|---------|G|----0-0--| G|----0-0--|D|---0-2--0| x8 then D|---0-2--0| x2A|---------| A|-3-------|E|-3-------| E|---------|
Riff II when he sings (at like 0:55) "cause life's to short, for when we get old, it would..."
Bridge (i suppose; part at 1:20): "this is what you need.."E|----|----|---------|-------------------------|B|-3--|0---|-1--0--3-|--1-------------------3--|G|-2--|0---|-0--0--2-|°-0-------------------2-°|D|----|----|---------|-------------------------|A|----|----|-3--2--0-|°-3-------------------0-°|E|-2--|3---|---------|-------------------------|
After that it's basically Riff 2 (not quite but it's very easy to figure out the differences), in the end - after the banjo- one last time Riff 1. (but Part I just 4 times not 8)
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