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Isley Brothers – Whos That Lady tab

"Who's That Lady" By The Isley brothers

Fun fast paced tab. As always listen to the song to get the hang of it all.

Main Riff(Whole Song Guitar 1)

Cm/Bb AbE:-x--xxxxxx--4-444444---|A:-3--333333--6-666666---|D:-5--555555--6-666666---|G:-3--333333--5-555555---| B:-4--444444--4-444444---|E:-3--333333--4-444444---|
Ernie Isley's fill ( Guitar 2)
I wont bother to go into the solo. Its about 3 to 4 mins long lol. Enjoy folks!! I can be reached at Chabar4185@yahoo.com Feedback is always welcomed
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