Isobel Campbell And Mark Lanegan – Circus Is Leaving Town tab

intro: E A E X2
       B7 A  
       E A E
E           A    E
the party's over now
            A        E
so draw the curtains down
B7            A
your secret's safe to keep
E          A      E
unzip your velvet gown
             A         E
and let your hair hang loose
              A     E
kick off your satin shoes
B7             A
throw back the hided down
E           A       E
farewell to fridays clown

the circus is leaving town
oh ruby roll your stockings down
the circus is leaving town
E                B7
oh ruby dry your eyes

E            A        E
fixed up something to eat
             A         E
still waters still run deep
B7           A
the dogs are barking now
E            A      E
get back out on the street
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