Israel Houghton – My Tribute chords

Bb DmHow can I say thanks
Fm G7For the things you have done for me
Cm EaugThings so undeserved
Cdim7 F7Yet You gave to prove your love for me
Bb GmThe voices of a million angels
Edim7 Ebmaj7Could not express my gratitude
Bb G7 Ddim7 CmAll that I am and ever hope to be
Bb F7 BbI owe it all to thee
Dm7 G7 Cm F7To God be the glory, to God be the glory
Am7 D7 F#dim7 GmTo God be the glory,
C7 F7For the things He has done
Bb Dm7 G7 With His blood He has saved me
Cm F7 With His power He has raised me
Am D7 F#dim7 To God be the glory,
Gm C7 F7 Bb For the things He has done
Am D7Just let me live my life
GmAnd let it be pleasing Lord to thee
Eb GmAnd should I gain any praise
C7 F7Let it go to Calvary
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