Israel Houghton – Others tab

repeat this about 4 times Verse 1 Am7 E7 Fmaj7(arpeggio)C i see the state of the world and it grieves me Am7 E7 Fmaj7 G i hear the cries of the broken of the rich and poor Am7 E7 Fmaj7 smell the fear of disease all around me now Am7 E7 Fmaj7 i feel responsible now that i see Pre Chorus cause we were all borne to live for more than this, more than this Chorus **just play the intro over for this part** 4x so i want to love like love,love like you love want to love others the way you love me(X2) repeat intro about 5x Verse 2--same as the previous verse Ive held the children unseen and they move me i wonder what i can do to improve a thousand lives i feel the absence of love and it scares me i feel responsible now that i see Pre Chorus cause we all were born to live for more than this,so much more than this Chorus **replay intro** so i want love like you love, love like you love, Am7 E7 Fmaj7 C want to love others the way you love me E/G# Em7 I was that lost soul that you rescued Am7 I was the orphaned that you adopted and brought G/B into A/C# your Dm7 heart Am7 Bm7 Bm7 I was the the aquatinted with the hopelessness of living in the streets Am7 that was me **Just replay the intro over and over to the end*** now im gonna love like you love,love like you love help me love others the way you love me im gonna forgive,like you forgave, and rescue you have saved others,others,others,others,others the way you love me, the way you love me **pause before playing C chord over** you 1st loved me,thats why i love you,cause you 1st loved me
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