Israels Hope – The Lord Is My Shepherd chords

Em Am C DThe Lord is my shepherd he meets all my needs
Em Am C DHe makes me lie down in pastures so green
G D C EmBeside quiet streams he quenches my thirst
Am Em C D EmLeads me in paths for His own righteousness' sake
Em Am C DA table prepared He calls me to dine
Em Am C DWhile enemies watch He serves me new wine
G D C EmAnointing my head He pours out fine oil
Am Em C D EmOver and over my cup overflows
Em Am C DGoodness and love will all follow me
Em Am C DEach day of the life You give so freely to me
G D C EmThen when the days of my life are all gone
Am Em C D EmI'll go to live in the lovely house of my Lord
G D C GThen when the days of my life are all through
Am Em C D EmI'll fly to live, Lord, forever and ever with You
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