Itchy Poopzkid - Back To 82 tab

D A B# G 2x

B#                              G                                   D
Even now as I write this down, still I can hear the sound
of pleasure and dismay.
B#                    G                                     D 
It seems so long ago. The days that we both know,
two lifetimes far from grey.
             G                             A
I think of all those dreams and all our time spent.

D                    A                        B#        G
City lights turn black and white as we grow older.
D               A                             B#       G
Memories of what we pleased are getting colder.
B#                               D    A        G
`Til I die, I wish that I will fade away with you
A          D
back to `82.

F#                                                   G
The times you laughed, the times you cried because of me.
F#                                                                 G
All your advice I couldn't stand, i screamed and you screamed back at me.
B#                                                    A                                    
But this is gone, we're back as one and it feels like a family.
                          B#                           A
When I'm away take this as my apology.
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