In Flames – Everlost Part II chords


Gm Dm CmThrough seven songs of rejoice
Gm Dm CmHis name relives his solar voice
[Pre-chorus 1]
GmFalling into the unknown
Eb F GmYet he shall feel no harm
[Pre-chorus 2]
Eb F GmLights shine upon his face
Eb F G GmNight exists no longer
Cm Bb GmIn unknown colours they confront him
Gm CmIn soundless tongue they speak is name
Bb Gm CmMoonred - reaching for life through eternity
Eb F GmStarblack - the brooding silence is frightening me
[Ending Verse]
Gm CmOne elderly custom in timeless guise
Bb Gm CmIn ceremonies of old one, dove now flies
F GmFly through time
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