Ingrid Michaelson – Earth Is Not Ok chords

[Verse 1]
CI am clearly not OK, not OK, not OK
D F CEarth is clearly not OK today
CI'm getting warmer every day
CEvery day, every day
D F CClimate change is fucking me, oi vey
CHurricanes are here to stay
CHere to stay, here to stay
D F CAnd we're making them worse day by day
CPuerto Rico's washed away
CWashed away, washed away
D F CPaper towels won't keep waves at bay
E F CI got a tickle in my Gulf Coast
E F CThere's a fever up in my Rockies
E F CBut you know what part hurts the most?
D F CIt feels like you don't care about me
[Verse 2]
CFire's what a drought will do
CDrought will do, drought will do
D F CSo don't say that I didn't warn you
CEpic blaze just grew and grew
CGrew and grew, grew and grew
D F CAnd your favorite wine's on fire too
E F CHate to say it, but you broke me
EWhat the hell?
F CI thought you were my friends
E F CIs it just like you always dreamed?
D F COne long summer that will never end
D Dm AmIt's just going to get worse
D Dm AmWhat are you going to do?
D Dm AmIt's just going to get worse
F D COn your watch, I'm falling apart
[Verse 3]
CAll you need I gave away,gave away, gave away
D F CFood and drink and air and Beyonce
CYou screwed up
CIt's time to pay, time to pay, time to pay
D F CGood luck trying to live on Mars some day
CYou're not gonna be OK, be OK, be OK
D F CThe ocean's gonna come wash you away
CBetter fix this shit day, shit today, shit today
D F CAnd we might still be fucked anyway
D F CAnd we might still be fucked anyway
D F CHope you all enjoy the lyme disease
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