J Mascis - Too Deep tab version 2

Song: Too Deep
Artist: J Mascis
Album: Several Shades of Why
Tuning: Standard

1st Riff (repeat twice):e|-----------------|-----------------|B|-----------------|-----------------|G|-----------------|-----------------|D|-----9-------9---|-----9-------9---|A|-7-7---7-7-7---7-|-----------------|E|-----------------|-9-9---9-9-9---9-|
2nd Riff (repeat twice):e|-----------------|-----------------|B|-----------------|-----------------|G|-----------------|-----------------|D|-----------------|-----------------|A|-----7-------7---|-----9-------9---|E|-5-5---5-5-5---5-|-7-7---7-7-7---7-|
Lyrics: I saw you, I saw you I saw everything in motion I saw why it's left unspoken I crawl down, I crawl down I'll do better than the last time Got so much more to my mind I saw you I saw you, I saw you I know why you went to see it Still not sure what I believe If I walked in, I walked in Is this the time I'll understand Or will it pass right through my hands And I see you Say that I'm the one you know Say that I'm the one who knows Please don't speak of it no more Been left out startin' to show I just stare with not a peep You walk by, it gets too deep Turn your stickin' to my soul Hasn't changed much, gettin' old I saw you, I saw you, I saw you
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