J Ralph – Kansas City Shuffle chords

This is the song from the movie "Lucky Number Sleven". I watched the movie and 
searched for the tabs, but I couldn't find them. So I decided to try write them 
down. 100% ear-transcribed. I'm not sure if this is the correct tab, but it sounds correct to me.

Intro: Dm Bb A

Dm Its a blindfold kick back type of a game
Callled the Kansas City Shuffle
BbWhereas you look left and they fall right
AInto the Kansas City Shuffle
DmIts a they-think you-think you don't know
Type of Kansas City hustle
BbWhere you take your time, wait your turn
AAnd hang them up, and out to dry
(indistinct voice) Dm Bb A x2
DmIts a shakedown switch arrive in town
Type of Kansas City Shuffle
BbGotta' make both sides and let it ride
AOn the Kansas City Shuffle
DmNow the tables turned the lessons learned
You've gotta earn yourself some trouble
BbRevenge like this, never sweet-
AYou've got yourself a long ride home
(indistinct voice) Dm Bb A x2
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