J Tillman – James Blues chords

J Tillman - James Blues 

Capo IV

Intro & Bridge:
Am  G  C
C  E  Am  G  C

Verse 1:
Am G CJames incurred the wrath
C E Amof a jealous woman
Am G CNot long after that
C E Amspending all his weekends
G CTrying to relearn
G Am E FHow a young man yearns after a noose
G CPoor poor James
Verse 2: Most nights he has dreams all his teeth are missing Wakes up in a sweat Simpleton heart racing He throws back the sheets Begins to weep without much feeling Poor poor James Bridge Verse 3: Desire is what makes Upright mammals human Put me out to graze Give this beast a burden Because the universe Makes much more sense without a purpose Poor poor James
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