Jaci Velasquez - In Green Pastures chords

Title  : In Green Pastures
Artist : Jaci Velasquez
Album  : Traveling Light (2002)



G D CMake me lie down in green pastures
G D Em CTeach me to trust and to know that You are God
G D CLead me beside Your still waters
G D CRestore my heart refresh my soul
G DOnly You can take me to a peaceful quiet
C D GWhere all that I can hear is just a fear that quickly slips away
DI can feel You closer when the world is silent
CSo hush my thoughts and slow my steps
G DGuide me where I'll find that place
...to Chorus
G DHelp me catch my breath and just be in Your presence
C D GEven when I try to run please keep Your love surrounding me
G DFar below the sea and in the heights of heaven
C GI feel Your Spirit near me and I hear Your voice
DIt's calling, calling me
G D CYou are my Savior and my shepherd
G D CYou give me comfort night and day
G D Em CBeside Your streams of healing water
...to Chorus Glory to our Lord, Jesus Christ! GBU All...
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