Jaci Velasquez - On My Knees chords version 1

A F#mThere are days, when I feel
D EThe best of me, is ready to begin
A F#mThen there's days, when I feel
D E /F F#m I'm letting go, and soaring on the wind
C#m D Cause I've learned in laughter and in pain
EHow to survive
D E F#mI get on my knees
D E AI get on my knees
F#m E A There I am before the love
F#mThat changes me
Bm A/C#mSee I don't know how
D E ABut there's power when I'm on my knees
Verse 2
A F#mI can be, in a crowd
D E Or by myself, almost anywhere
A F#m When I feel, there's a need
D E F#m To talk with God, he is Emanuel
A/C# DWhen I close my eyes no darnkess there
EThere's only light
Repeat chorus Ending
Bm A/C# D EI don't know how but there's power in the blue skies
Bm A/C# D E In the midnight
Bm A/C# D E A When I'm on my knees
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