Jack Black – Encarnacion chords

"Encarnacion" By Jack Black
From the movie "Nacho Libre"
Chorded by Kevin B.

Originally there is no instrument playing, 
but I decided to add some guitar chords to
this song.

Standard Tuning
Chords Used : F C Am G

F CWhen the fantasy has ended
F CAnd all the children are gone
F CSomething good inside me,
F GHelps me to carry on!
FI ate some bugs,
CI ate some grass,
AmI used my hand,
GTo wipe my tears
FTo kiss your mouth
CI break my vow
No no no, no no, no WAY JOSE
AmUnless you want to
F GThen we break our vows together
F CEncarnacio-hooooon
Am GEncarnacio-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-hon
Am GEncarnacio-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-hon
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