Jack Bruce – Wind And The Sea chords

Gb  Db  E  Ebm  Abm  Gb  B  Db
Gb  Db  E  Ebm  Abm  Gb  B  Db

|Verse 1]
Gb Db E EbmI found a place where all seasons meet
Abm Gb B DbThe earth and the sky are one with the sea
Gb Db E EbmOn a hill looking down to the sea
Abm Gb B DbGives visions of life as it truly should be
[Chorus 1]
E B Eb BbThe air is so clean that the sun can shine brightly
E B EbMy face is caressed by the breeze
E B Eb BbIt's the time of the day when I find it most likely
E B DbTo go down and be by the sea
[Verse 2]
Gb Db E EbThe thoughts I feel down by the sea
Abm Gb B DbYour facing the wind as you stand next to me
Gb Db E EbmMy mind's adrift between the wind and the sea
Abm Gb B DbInvisioning thoughts of pure ecstacy
[Chorus 2]
E B Eb BbWith you here with me, taking walks cross the pastures
E B EbFor a very short time, yes I know
E B Eb BbYet I find when we walk, and our minds come together
E B DbIt's as if we were never alone
[Verse 3]
Gb Db E EbmTo be at peace in a place such as this
Abm Gb B DbThe wind and the sea plays a large part of me
Gb Db E EbTo be with you, near the wind and the sea
Abm Gb B Db (Gb)Concludes my thoughts in completely pure harmony
[Outro] Gb Ebm Cm B E G Gb Ebm Cm B E G Gb Ebm Cm B E E
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