Jack Johnson – Sleep Through The Static tab

For all of the verses you pluck the A string once, play the chord, twice, play the chord it would look like this:e|--------------------------------------------1-----------1-------------------|B|----1-----------1-------1-----------1---------------------------1----------1|G|------------------------2-----------2---------------------------2----------2|D|----2-----------2-------2-----------2---------------------------3----------3|A|3---3---3---3---3---0---0---0---0---0---2---2---2---2---2---3---3---3---3--3|E|--------------------------------------------3-----------3-------------------|the chords on the chorus may be off a little just because of the computer, but you be able to figure out when they change!!For the chorus you just play the chords normally...Enjoy!!
Intro C Am G F Verse C Trouble travels fast Am When you’re specially designed for crash testing G Or wearing wool sunglasses in the afternoon F Come on and tell us what you’re trying to prove C Because it’s a battle when you dabble in war Am You store it up, unleash it, then you piece it together G Whether the storm drain running rampant just stamp it F And send it to somebody who’s pretending to care C Just cash in your blanks for little toy tanks Am Learn how to use them, then abuse them and choose them G Over conversations relationships are overrated F “I hated everyone” said the sun C And so I will cook all your books You’re too good looking and mistooken Am You could watch it instead G From the comfort of your burning beds F G …Or you can sleep through the static Chorus C G Am Who needs sleep when we’ve got love? F G C Who needs keys when we’ve got clubs? C G Am Who needs please when we’ve got guns? F G C Who needs peace when we’ve gone above C G Am But beyond where we should have gone? F G C We went beyond where we should have gone Verse C Stuck between channels my thoughts all quit Am I thought about them too much, allowed them to touch G The feelings that rained down on the plains all dried and cracked F Waiting for things that never came C Shock and awful thing to make somebody think Am That they have to choose pushing for peace supporting the troops G And either you’re weak or you’ll use brut force-feed the truth F The truth is we say not as we do C We say anytime, anywhere, just show your teeth and strike the fear Am Of god wears camouflage, cries at night and drives a dodge G Pick up the beat and stop hogging the feast F That’s no way to treat an enemy C Well mighty mighty appetite we just eat ‘em up and keep on driving Am Freedom can be freezing take a picture from the pretty side G Mind your manners wave your banners F G What a wonderful world that this angle can see Chorus C G Am But who needs to see what we’ve done? F G C Who needs please when we’ve got guns? C G Am Who needs keys when we’ve got clubs? F G C Who needs peace when we’ve gone above C G Am But beyond where we should have gone? F G C Beyond where we should have gone C G Am We went beyond where we should have gone F G C Beyond where we should have gone
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