Jack Johnson – Flake Live Acoustic tab

this tab is based on the jack johnson's live acoustic performance at Late World with Zack..


Dm F A# Fe---5-5-5-5------1-1-1-1------6-6-6-6------1-1-1-1---|B---6-6-6-6------1-1-1-1------6-6-6-6------1-1-1-1---|G---7-7-7-7------2-2-2-2------7-7-7-7------2-2-2-2---|D---7-7-7-7------3-3-3-3------8-8-8-8------3-3-3-3---|x1A---5-5-5-5------3-3-3-3------8-8-8-8------3-3-3-3---|E---x-x-x-x------1-1-1-1------6-6-6-6------1-1-1-1---|
(VERSE1 and VERSE2). I know she said its alright...
Dm F A# Fe---5-5-5-5------1-1-1-1------6-6-6-6------1-1-1-1---|B---6-6-6-6------1-1-1-1------6-6-6-6------1-1-1-1---|G---7-7-7-7------2-2-2-2------7-7-7-7------2-2-2-2---|D---7-7-7-7------3-3-3-3------8-8-8-8------3-3-3-3---|x3A---5-5-5-5------3-3-3-3------8-8-8-8------3-3-3-3---|E---x-x-x-x------1-1-1-1------6-6-6-6------1-1-1-1---|
..maybe she knows something i dont, im so, im so tired, so tired of trying...
Dm F A# Ce---5-5-5-5------1-1-1-1------6-6-6-6------8--8--8--8---|B---6-6-6-6------1-1-1-1------6-6-6-6------8--8--8--8---|G---7-7-7-7------2-2-2-2------7-7-7-7------9--9--9--9---|D---7-7-7-7------3-3-3-3------8-8-8-8------10-10-10-10--|x1A---5-5-5-5------3-3-3-3------8-8-8-8------10-10-10-10--|E---x-x-x-x------1-1-1-1------6-6-6-6------8--8--8--8---|
chorus (play 2 times)
It seems to me that maybe, pretty much always means no.. F C Dm Ae---1-1-1-1----------------------------5-5-5-5------5-5-5-5---|B---1-1-1-1----------------------------6-6-6-6------5-5-5-5---|G---2-2-2-2------5-5-5-5---------------7-7-7-7------6-6-6-6---|D---3-3-3-3------5-5-5-5---------------7-7-7-7------7-7-7-7---|A---3-3-3-3------3-3-3-3---------------5-5-5-5------7-7-7-7---|E---1-1-1-1------x-x-x-x---------------x-x-x-x------5-5-5-5---|
so dont tell me,you might just let it.......go A# C F Ce---6-6-6-6------8--8--8--8--------------1-1-1-1------8--8--8--8---|B---6-6-6-6------8--8--8--8--------------1-1-1-1------8--8--8--8---|G---7-7-7-7------9--9--9--9--------------2-2-2-2------9--9--9--9---|D---8-8-8-8------10-10-10-10-------------3-3-3-3------10-10-10-10--|A---8-8-8-8------10-10-10-10-------------3-3-3-3------10-10-10-10--|E---6-6-6-6------8--8--8--8--------------1-1-1-1------8--8--8--8---|
song progression. INTRO VERSE1 CHORUS VERSE2 CHORUS ENDING lyrics I know she said it's alright But you can make it up next time I know she knows it's not right There ain't no use in lying Maybe she thinks I know something Maybe maybe she thinks its fine Maybe she knows something I don't I'm so, I'm so tired, I'm so tired of trying It seems to me that maybe, It pretty much always means no So don't tell me you might just let it go And often times we're lazy It seems to stand in my way Cause no one no not no one Likes to be let down I know she loves the sunrise No longer sees it with her sleeping eyes And I know that when she said she's gonna try Well it might not work because of other ties and I know she usually has some other ties And I wouldn't want to break 'em, nah, I wouldn't want to break 'em Maybe she'll help me to untie this but Until then well, I'm gonna have to lie too It seems to me that maybe It pretty much always means no So don't tell me you might just let it go And often times we're lazy It seems to stand in my way Cause no one no not no one Likes to be let down~~ tabbed by jimi_kei..2007
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