Jack Johnson – Badfishboss Dj tab

Badfish/Boss DJ
by Jack Johnson

Key of A#/Bb

Here's the complete and correct version of this badass song so people can jam it right. 



E|-x--1-1-x-5-5h6p5-3-1h3p1--3-----6-------------------1-| G|-x--1-1-x----------------3-3-----6-------------------1-| B|-x--2-2-x------------------3-----8------3--3-3h5p3---2-| D|-x--3-3-x------------------5-----8--3/5------------5-3-| A|-x--3-3-x------------------5-----6-------------------3-| E|-x--1-1-x------------------3-------------------------1-|
F A# When you grab a hold of me D# F Tell me that I’ll never be set free F A# But I’m a parasite, creep and crawl D# F I step into the night. F A# Two pints of booze D# F Tell me are you a badfish too? (are you a badfish too?) A# F Ain’t got no money to spend A# F And I hope this night will never end A# F Lord knows I’m weak A# Gm Won’t somebody get me off of this reef F Gm And baby your a big blue whale D# F I'll grab the reef when all duck diving fails F Gm And I can swim but I wish I had never learned D# F Cuz the water’s too polluted with germs F A# Dive deep when it’s ten feet overhead D# F And grab the reef, that's underneath my bed, (It’s underneath my bed) A# F Ain’t got no quarrels with God, A# F Ain’t got no time to grow old A# F Lord knows that I’m weak A# Gm Won’t somebody get me off of this reef F A# And there’s a steel train comin’ in, F A# I would take it if I could F A# And I would not lie to you, F A# because Sunday mornin’ soon will come F A# Things will be, easier to say F A# Upon the microphone like I'm a Boss DJ F A# I will walk up upon the stage, like it was dry land F A# A Boss DJ ain’t nothin’ but a man C A# No trouble, no fuss, I know why.. F A# F A# It’s so nice, I wanna hear the same song twice, F A# F A# It’s so nice I wanna hear the same song twice C A# Nowadays all the songs on the radio, They All drive me crazy...
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