Jack Johnson - You And Your Heart chords

This is my first and ever tab, but it sounds just like Jack Johnson's!

CAPO on the 7th Fret

D C G G (x2)

D C GWatch you when you say what you are and when you blame everyone,
GYou broken king
D C GWatch you change the frame or watch you when you take your aim at the sum,
GOf everything
C D G CCause you and your heart shouldn't feel so far apart
C D G CYou can choose what you take why you gotta break and make it feel so hard
SAME AS INTRO (x2) VERSE (same as first verse) You lay there in the street Like broken glass reflecting pieces of the sun But you're not the flame You got the people passing by Because you know what you don't like It's just so easy, it's just so easy CHORUS X2
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