You And Your Heart chords ver. 7 with lyrics by Jack Johnson - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Jack Johnson – You And Your Heart chords ver. 7

This tab is 100% correct from what I have done


A chord G chord D chord G# chord These are the chords you will be using. If you play them like you would bar chords they very simple to play just mute or don't strum the bottom 2 strings. You can play the the standard way buts its a bit harder and doesn't sound as nice. Intro
Then progress to heavier chords
A G DWatch you when you say what you are and when you blame everyone,
G D G DYou broken king
A G DWatch you change the frame or watch you when you take your aim at the sum,
G D G DOf everything
G A D A GCause you and your heart shouldn't feel so far apart
G A D A GYou can choose what you take why you gotta break and make it feel so hard
At the end of the chorus Slide from G to G# to A Intro riff x2 Verse 2! (same as first verse)
A G DYou lay there in the street Like broken glass reflecting pieces of the sun
G D G DBut you're not the flame
A G DYou got the people passing by Because you know what you don't like
G D G DIt's just so easy, it's just so easy
Play Chorus twice! then play riff x2 I haven't finished the song but the last part consist of all the same chords so there ya piece it together cause this tab is correct for what I got. You draw so many lines in the sand Lost the fingernails on your hands How you're gonna scratch any backs? Better hope that time will take our lines away Take all our lines and Hope that time will take our lines and Hope that time will take our lines away Take all our lines away
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