Jack Johnson - My Little Girl chords

Jack Johson _ My Little Girl  ( standard tuning _ no capo )

This Version _ ( my 2nd take ) _ is 100% accurate.   

E B F# D D* A C# G Bm (note C# 477 vs 466) Intro: E - B - F# - D - B - D* - A - C# Verse:
E B F# DHey little girl you might not know this song
B D* A C# This is not the kinda song that you could sing along to but
E B F# Dhey little girl Maybe someday
B D* A C# least thats what all the good people will say
G EHey little girl look what you done
Bm A G youve gone and stole my heart and made it your own
Bm A Gyou stole my heart and made it your own
E B F# Dhey little girl black and white and right and wrong
B D* A C#only live inside a song, I will sing to you
E B F# D you dont ever have to feel lonely, you will never lose any tears
B D* A C#you dont have to feel any sadness when you look back on the years
Pre Chorus/Chorus:
G E how can I look you in the eyes and tell you such big lies
Bm A Gthe best I can do is try to show you how to love with no fear
E Bm A Gmy little girl youve gone and stole my heart and made it your own
Bm A Gyou stole my heart and made it your own
( Sorry I didnít work out the entire solo ) www.youtube.com/jacecrawford
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