Jack Johnson – My Little Girl tab ver. 3

                             My Little Girl - Jack Johnson
Tabbed by: chris

Tuning:EADGBe (Standard)
Catchy little tune from his new album!

Intro & Chorus: G Em7 Bm A Ge|----3----7----7----5----3----|B|----3----8----7----5----3----|G|----4----9----7----6----4----|D|----5----9----9----7----5----| x2A|----5----7----9----7----5----|E|----3----x----7----5----3----|
Verse: (chord names might not be correct sorry) A7sus4 Bm#5 B7sus4 Dadd9 Bm7 Ae|-----------------------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------------------------|G|--x---7---x---7---x---9---x---9---x---7---x---7---x---6---x---6--|D|--x---5---x---5---x---7---x---7---x---7---x---7---x---7---x---7--|A|--x---7---x-------x---9---x---9---x-------x---9---x-------x---7--|E|--x-------x---7---x-------x---10--x---7---x-------x---5---x------|
A7sus4 Bm#5 Hey, little girl B7sus4 Dadd9 You might not know this song Bm7 This is not the kind of song A That you can sing along to A7sus4 Bm#5 But hey, little girl B7sus4 Dadd9 Maybe some day Bm7 At least that's what all A The good people will say G Hey, little girl Em Look what you've done Bm You've gone and stole my heart A G And made it your own Bm You've stole my heart A G And made it your own Hey, little girl Black and white and right and wrong Only live inside a song I will sing to you You don't ever have to feel lonely You will never lose any tears You don't have to feel any sadness When you look back on the years How can I look you in the eyes, And tell you such big lies? The best I can do is try to show you How to love with no fear My little girl You've gone and stole my heart And made it your own You've stole my heart And made it your own
Solo: (Played over verse chords)e|------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------/10--|G|-------x-7-x-9-x-7------x-7-x-9-x-11------x-7-x-9-x-7--/11--|D|---7h9--------------7h9---------------7h9-------------------| x2A|------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------|
(Played over chorus chords)e|----------------------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------------------|G|-----------11--11-9-7---9/11-11-9-7-9---(7)--11-11-9-7-9--------|D|---9--7/9-----------------------------9------------------9/12---|A|----------------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------------|
Hope this helps! :) ---------------------------------- | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note | b Bend | pb Pre-bend | br Bend release | pbr Pre-bend release | brb Bend release bend -----------------------------------
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