Jack Johnson – Situations chords ver. 2

Okay so basically I think that the one on here would sound better if it were two 
half steps higher. I think it sounds more correct.

B G#m F# E |--7--| |--4--| |--2--| |--0--| |--9--| |--6--| |--4--| |--2--| |--9--| |--6--| |--4--| |--2--| |--8--| |--4--| |--3--| |--1--| |--7--| |--4--| |--2--| |--0--| |--7--| |--4--| |--2--| |--0--|
B Situation number one
G#m It's the one that's just begun;
E F# E But evidently it's too late
B Situation number two
G#m It's the only chance for you
E F# E It's controlled by denizens of hate
B Situation number three
G#m It's the one that no one sees
E F# E It's all too often dismissed as fate.
B Situation number four
G#m The one that left you wanting more
E F# E it, it tantilized you with it's bait.
E B oh.
Tab by Alex Delk alexdelk@hotmail.com
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