Jack Johnson – Flake chords

Jack Johnson - Flake
Chords by - XxSolCutterxX

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Bm DI know she said it's alright
G DBut you can make it up next time
Bm DI know she knows it's not right
G DThere ain't no use in lying
Bm DMaybe she thinks I know something
G DMaybe maybe she thinks it's fine
Bm DMaybe she knows something I don't
G AI'm so tired so tired of trying
D AIt seems to me that maybe
Bm F#Pretty much always means no
F# G So don't tell me
G A D AYou might just let it go
D AAnd often times we're lazy
Bm F#It seems to stand in my way
F# G ACause no one no not no one
A D ALikes to be let down
Bm DI know she loves the sunrise
G DNo longer sees it with her sleeping eyes
D Bm DAnd I know that when she said she's gonna try
D G DWell it might not work because of other ties
D Bm DAnd I know she has some other ties
D G DAnd I wouldn't want to break em nah (I wouldn't want to break em)
Bm DMaybe she'll help me to untie this but
G AUntil then well I'm gonna have to lie too
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