Jack Johnson – In The Morning chords

Capo 6th fret
Tabbed by Floris van Pallandt


C DmSo much love the kids are laughing in their sleep
G F Cswimming through their dreams into the morning
so peaceful all the stories that were told lead them through the night back from the shadows so much joy every little girl and boy even better when they wake up tomorrow so much love in their little missin teeth gonna miss you till we meet again in the morning so much peace in their pitter-patter feet any open eyes can see that minds are reaching so much joy Im afraid to be swept away upstream theres a spring that brings in the new day Chorus
F Cthese are the gifts we keep
F Cand this is the morning that we breathe
Gand then we see
C Dm G F C Dm G F Cthese moments are the only gifts we need
Cand your crazy curly morning hair
Dmyour makapiapia stare
Gsmiling down from the top of the stairs
F Cyoure so sweet
Cand your robot pictures spread around
DmI swear your feet dont touch the ground
Gonce it starts it dont slow down
F Cbut I dont want it to
Chorus and these are the gifts we keep and this is the morning that we breathe and then we see these moments are the only gifts we need
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