Situations tab ver. 3 with lyrics by Jack Johnson - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Jack Johnson – Situations tab ver. 3

So... none of the existing charts of this great little song sounded complete to me,
especially the outro, when playing by yourself. So here's a refined mash-up of what I could
find; props to all those whose work gave a foundation to help me figure out the missing 
bits! Guitar 2 & 3 parts are also given for accompaniment to draw out key parts.  Don't
forget all the palm muting... --Flycstr

Guitar 1: B=799877, G#m=466444, E=x7999x, F#=x9EEEx ('E' is 11th fret)
Guitar 2: B=x214xx, G#m=4x14xx, E=x221xx, F#=x443xx

Intro: B - G#m - E - F# - E

Situation number one
It's the one that's just begun
E                      F#   -   E
But evidently it's too late

Situation number two
It's the only chance for you
It's controlled by denizens of hate

Situation number three
It's the one that no one sees
It's all too often dismissed as fate

Situation number four
It's the one that left you wanting more
It tantalized you with it's bait

Outro:Guitar 1:----------------------------|------9-7-----------2--4----|--8---9-8---9-6---4---------|--9---9-9-----------4--4----|--9---7-9---7-4---2-4--4----|--7-----7---9-5---4-2--2----| (use thumb at 2nd fret)
Guitar 2:----------------------------|----------------------------|----------------------------|--1--/6-4---2\------1--2----|--2--/7-6---4\4---2---------|--------------5---4-2--2----|
Guitar 3:----------------------------|--4--/9-7---5-2---0-2-4-----|----------------------------|----------------------------|----------------------------|----------------------------|
End B
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