Jack Johnson - Never Know tab

			     Never Know - Jack Johnson
Tabbed by:Dennis Kim


intro/verse/between verse:

C#m7 F#m B E (Emaj7/D# (transition chord))E------------9-------7-----------------|B----5------10-------7-------9---9-----|G----4------11-------8-------9---9-----|D----6------11-------9-------9---9-----|A----4-------9-------9-------7---6-----|E--------------------7-----------------|
pre-chorus: A7 F#m7 BE----0-------2-------7-------|B----2-------2-------7-------|G----0-------2-------8-------|D----2-------2-------9-------|A----0-------4-------9-------|E------------2-------7-------|
And here's that sexy solo that I haven't seen in many tabs: C#m7 F#m B EE---------------------------------------------------------\77----------------|B---------------------------------------------------------\99---------9------|G---9--9h11p9---9--------------999-9-------------5---5----\99-----9---9b-----|D-------------9---------11b--11-----11-------4h6---6--------------9h11---11--|A----------------------------------------4h6------------------9h11-----------|E----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
And here are the words to help you follow along with the song: C#m7 I heard this old story before where the Fm7 people keep killing for the metaphores B7 E don't leave much up to the imagination so I C#m7 wanna give this imagery back but I Fm7 know it just ain't so easy like that so B7 E I turn the page I read the story again and again and again. -Bridge- A7 sure seems the same Fm7 with a different name B7 we're breaking and rebuilding and we're growing always gussing never -Chorus- C#m7 Fm7 Know - ing B7 E we're shocking but we're nothing, we're just C#m7 Fm7 mo - ments B7 E we're clever but we're clueless we're just C#m7 Fm7 Hu - man B7 E amusing and confusing C#m7 Fm7 try - ing B7 E but where is this all leading, we'll never know -solo- -Verse- It all happened so much faster than you could say disaster wanna take a time lapse and take a look at back. We found the last one, maybe thats just the answer that we're after but after all we're just a bubble in a boiling pot just one breath in a chain of thought moments just combusting feel certain but we'll never never know -bridge- sure seems the same give it a different name we're begging and we're needing and we're trying and we're breathing never -Chorus- Knowing we're shocking but we're nothing, we're just moments we're clever but we're clueless we're just human amusing and confusing helping building and we're growing, we'll never know never know never know never know -verse- knock knock on the door to door tell you that the metaphore is better than yours and you can either sink or swim things are looking pretty grim if you don't belive in they're spoon feeding It's got no feeling so i read it again and again and again -Bride- sure seems the same so many different names are hearts are strong our heads are weak we'll always be competing never Knowing we're shocking but we're nothing, we're just moments we're clever but we're clueless we're just human amusing and confusing but the truth is All we got is questions we'll never know never know never know never know There's the whole song!!!! Hope you guyz enjoy! If you have any questions or comments, e-mail me! :D | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off =============================================================================
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