Jack Johnson – Sung tab

This is the tab for Jack's new song off of A Brokedown Melody called Sung. 
These chords apply to the whole song, I'm just showing the first verse and chorus.

Standard Tuning
No Capo

C                                  G
There must be a forecast that you won't let yourself see
               C                                G 
So you keep watching as you're drifting, sail away from what you need
C                               G
Why don't I just give you everything you'll take from me
         C                       G
'Cause nobody owns anything and everyone is free

            Am                 C     
That's why this ship is going down
Desperately I need a sound
Am                C              G
A song to sing so we could carry on
Am                     C              G
Just let it be sung so we could carry on
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