Jack Johnson - 3 Rs tab

Well i was looking all over for this tab. but for some reason i couldn't find
one so i just decided to found out how to play and post it on this site
so if i ever forget i can just come back here to find it


VERSE: G C G C G C G C 3 It's a magic number. yes it is it's a magic number. G C G C Because two time three is six. and six times three is eighteen. G C G C And the eighteenth letter in the alphabet is R! G C G C We got three R's were gonna talk about today. Chorus: G C We gotta reduce, reuse, recycle. x3 AND that is pretty well all that is to the song.. they might throw in the intro bit again. but the verses all have the same rythem and so do the chorus's but either than that there's your 3 r's! ENJOY!
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