Jack Parker - Hard Rock Song tab

My first and one of my favorite songs ever!!!

Song: Hard Rock Song
Artist: Jack Parker
Tabbed by: Jack Parker
Note: This is one of my first songs ever. It has some kickin riffs if played right.
I hope you will enjoy it.

Ie|----------------------------------| Standard TuningB|----------------------------------| e-EasterG|----------------------------------| B-BunniesD|----------------------------------| G-GetA|-7-7-7-5-9-8----------------------| D-DrunkE|-5-5-5-3-7-6----------------------| A-At
E-Easter IIe|-------------|B|-------------|G|-------------|D|-7-7-7-5-9-8-|A|-5-5-5-3-7-6-|E|-------------|
TO PLAY: Play part I(3x) three times part II(3x) three times part III once part IV(2 1/2x) two and one half times (stop at the switch between chords) and repeat the whole thing with major distortion.
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