Jack Penate - Got My Favourite tab

------------------*Jack Penate – Got My Favourite*---------------------------


C# B F# E C#maj7 Ebm7 Ebm7 (add6?)E--x--x--2--x----------4-----6----------------9-----------|B--6--4--2--x----------6-----7----------------7-----------|G--6--4--3--1----------5-----6----------------6-----------|D--6--4--4--2—--x2-----6-----8-----x2—finish--8-----------|A--4--2--4--2----------4-----6----------on----6-----------|E--x--x--2--0----------x-----x----------------x-----------|
[Verse1] C#maj7 Ebm7 Ive got my favourite pair of creps on C#maj7 Ebm7 The ones with golden samaris sewn on C#maj7 Ebm7 Each step is skipped when they are thrown on C#maj7 Ebm7add6 Feet are swift so I bowl on [Verse2] I got my favourite army dog tag The one I got one day with my Dad We watched the planes loop and the clouds sag The sky was filled with smoke drag [Bridge] Ebm7 Ab C#maj7 F# Of course i know that these are all for show Ebm7 Ab C#maj7 F# To decorate my limbs and let me know Ebm7 Ab C#maj7 F# That through these things a constant love will flow Ebm7 Ab C#maj7 With them we are not on our own [Verse3] Ive got my favourite Westwood coat on The one from Alice who I dote on I am a pirate and I float on Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum Repeat bridge [Chorus]x2 Ebm7 Got my favourite C#maj7 Got my favourite [Verse4] I got my favourite gold signet ring The one that gives me power to sing From my mum who I owe all things Love forevers written within Repeat Bridge Repeat Chorus
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